Trifecta 🔺 Transformation

1 x 120 minute alchemical session AND

4 x 60 minute coaching/mentorship sessions

for those Who Desire To Uplevel their Expression Quick

Image by Michael Dziedzic


  • A Deeper Mind/Body Connection when it comes to your Expression, through performance and vocal practices which link back to identified expression blocks.

  • Clear and Accurate insight into what needs to shift in order for you to ascend into a new level of self-expression in your life, work and relationships.

  • Guided processes to support you in coming back to yourself and your wisdom again, so you can remember your power to liberate your unique design.

  • A number of strategies to move forward in alignment with expressing yourself. We identify a new path for you to Express with Clarity, Confidence and Coherent.




We identify and choose to resolve old ways of expressing which no longer serve you. This work frees belief and stagnant emotion, which will need to move out of your body in our sessions.



You will practice - an aligned series of expression anchors - which will help you to remember and recall the energy of who you choose to be. This person is composed of sound and movement. You will create and remember them anew.

Dancer on a cliff



We use techniques for rehearsal so you can understand what this new level of expression feels like in your body and voicebox. The familiarity creates confidence and allows you to be this new version of self with absolute ease (well, much more than before).

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