Trifecta 🔺 Transformation

3 x 120 minute alchemical sessions

for those Who Desire To Clarify Their Purpose and Mission

and Express Themselves with Ease ↟

Image by Michael Dziedzic


  • Clarity and Awareness around your Work and Purpose. With this information and felt sense, you step into a more trusting relationship with yourself. This is achieved through energy medicine and mentorship practices.

  • Resolution of extraneous timelines and energy leaks which have been holding you back from taking the steps to create your life in the Now.

  • Guided processes to support you in coming back to yourself and your wisdom again, since you Alone know the Answers to your liberation and design.

  • A number of actions and strategies to move forward in alignment with expressing yourself. This will work on your capacity to Create what your Soul Seeks to Express through you in this lifetime. Every person's method and path is unique. We will identify and anchor a new Path which is your Special way forward.




Release Old Paradigms, Energies, Limitations, Ancestral Memory and Intergenerational Trauma which is no longer necessary for you and your Mission to fully Eventuate.



Recieve and Remember new layers of who you are. New Codes, New Memory, New Beliefs and Actions. A clearer picture of your current destiny and highest timeline which comes from a deeper embodiment of your Highest Self.

Dancer on a cliff



Practices to Anchor this Expression into the Body through actual Doing and Being in the Physical. An integral step in becoming the Next Expression of your Self who Creates from a Soul-Led Place.

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