3 Month - Soul Embodied Self-Expression - Private Transformation Container

A high-level mentorship programme to rapidly transform your life and business.

Fully Express your soul mission with Clarity, Coherence and Confidence.

An experience for spiritual and creative entrepreneurs

who Desire to remember and physically express their missing Piece.


Beautiful Dancer

is about Being Real, Connecting your Humanity with your Soul's Gifts. All Aspects of the Self are Integrated into Cohesive Wholeness, within your Highest Timeline (series of projected outcomes). Soul Codes are Remembered and Integrated so that Full Expression can Materialise with Ease.

This means that your Mission, Vision and Actions are finally able to Speak naturally

from The Body and Soul, without distortion. 

Realign in the Flesh,

to the Reason You Came Here.


Performance Practice Tools support expression in the Physical, grounding Gifts into Expression. These Techniques are consciously integrated into mentorship sessions to allow advanced Levels of Embodiment. Confidence and Coherence Flow Freely as a result of this work.

This Is Especially For You If

  • You want to be able to speak to a camera/show up on screen and in-person with full power, and no gaps between your inner and outer selves.

  • You have a thriving business but don't feel your spoken voice is You

  • You perpetuate an old version of you in life and relationships because you're afraid of what you will lose if you change too much

  • You're not sure what your true voice actually is - you default to the familiar or use a composite voice from other practitioners you admire

  • You desire to uplevel your performance and expression because you deserve to shine fully the way that you want to, with precision and control.

We energetically map and identify limiting Expression in your field and Release it - to Open the Limitless Possibilities which were previously unavailable because of the looping trauma.


We Clarify what your ideal expression is and you energetically embody the map of that person,  then we rehearse her using tangible performance practice tools until you become her in real time.


We especially work with the mind to dissolve old information and distortions preventing you from being your Desired Expression now.



We return to you and unlock from within your body the Soul Elements, Memory and Keys which are needed for Next Level expressed embodiment.



A new you is Born Into Form.


What You Recieve

Image by Clem Onojeghuo


3 x 120 Minute Transformation Sessions

which lay energetic foundations and release old material.


10 x 60 Minute Coaching and Mentorship Sessions to support you with dramatic shifts in

Clarity, Coherence and Confidence.


Full Support over the Voxer app.

Are you Ready To Be in Form?