avatar embodiment 

This is a High-Level offer

for the Creative, Intuitive being who knows what they want.

Prepare to be able to step confidently on stage to present your Soul's Work.

Prepare to feel Divinity in each of your cells.

Prepare to stop hiding even though you know you are here to shine.

Prepare to Make A Difference doing what you came here to do.

3 Months of Radical Expression Up-Levelling

through Body, Sound, Brain and Soul.

Advanced Avataric Attunement -

- Performance and Embodiment Technology

Somatic Release and Cognitive Redesign -

Activate your Desired Expression and be who you came here to be.

 It is time. 



The word AVATAR has been used for many centuries to describe the spiritual being who is fully in form. The last few years has seen an increasing remembrance that we are much more than this body,

much more than this galaxy...

yet the AVATAR inhabits their human shape fully, unafraid to fully shine in whatever way they are meant to.


The AVATAR remembers who they are and what they have come to do at Soul Level.


The AVATAR has brought the Soul into the Cellular Memory of their human form - this is a physical process of transformation accelerated by the performance and somatic embodiment tools we employ at Be Your Self.


The result of cellular level transformation can be seen in the way the AVATAR speaks, moves, acts and expresses who they are as both Human and Soul Being, Embodied and True.

Light Festival

Project Focus

If you have a business or concept to birth -

and you're ready to embody it so it can live through you.


Performance Focus

If you know you are here to rock the stage or the microphone as a performer or speaker.

This Journey Is Not For The Faint-Hearted

  • You will challenge yourself constantly to grow.

  • You will do your homework.

  • You will let go of old ways which do not serve you.

  • You will forgive past versions of who you have been - even though you are ashamed of them, you will see and love them.

  • You will practice being seen and heard.

  • You will choose You as the guardian of your destiny and learn to be in your Power no matter what circumstances arise.

We map and identify limiting Expression in your field and Release it - to make space for Limitless Possibilities which were previously unavailable because of looping trauma.


We resolve siphons, cords, blockages and technological control restricting your freedom to fully embody no matter how hard you Try.


We Clarify your ideal expression and you energetically embody their map. We familiarise you with your updated self through performance practice tools. Muscle memory, baby.


We work with the mind to dissolve old information preventing you from being your desired expression, through anchors, affirmation, coaching. Consciously reprogramming Your Self.



You unlock the Soul Elements, Memory and Keys which are needed for next level expressed embodiment. We rehearse this embodiment using vocal and movement techniques designed to get you in your body - we are human, after all.



A new you is Alive.


 What You Recieve In Total 



3 x 60 Minute Transformation Sessions

which will completely change the way you feel and behave - immediately.


10 x 60 Minute Coaching and Mentorship Sessions to support you with dramatic shifts in your Life, Work and Play.


Full Support over the Voxer app, giving you sustained, encouraged access to lifetimes of wisdom and guidance.

Are you Ready To Be Your Self?

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