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The 'Fully-Expressed' Portal is a space for you magical and non-linear learners to receive guidance and support, as well as radical alchemy...


On the journey to express yourselves in all situations with more

Clarity, Confidence and Coherence.


This is for you

to Express with more Ease

- Monthly Coaching Circle

- Monthly Embodiment and Expression Workshop

-  Pick One or do Both

What's The Point?

To Get You Speaking

In whatever way feels right for you. You might want to speak with your eyes, with your hands, with dance, with paint. You might want to speak with more comfort in relationship or with your family. Whatever your expression needs are, the portal is here to help you address them in a group setting.

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Afforable and with


The benefit of a subscription is that I can really address your expression needs long term. Sessions are scheduled according to the needs of the whole group. I can't wait to meet you!

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