The Expression Keys

A 4-Week Group Coaching and Calibration Programme

To Anchor and Support the Fullest Expression Available To You.

Image by Freysteinn G. Jonsson
  • Receive information and insight into why your expression or flow is stuck in our live group coaching calls as well as within our group chat container where there is no limit to your feedback.

  • Practice expressing your thoughts, feelings and experiences in a safe, supportive environment. 

  • Enjoy weekly live guided meditations which help you retrieve missing pieces and remember your lost powers.

  • Clear out unsupportive beliefs, paradigms and programs which have disrupted your personal freedom through the group clearings.

  • Get deep teachings and transmissions around expression in each call.

Image by iMattSmart
Image by Chris Stenger
  • Learn actionable tools and practices to take with you for a further path of liberation through empowered expression.

  • Practice your expression and get direct feedback in session or in group chat container when we work with role play or performance. Take the spotlight or turn off your camera, choose your own adventure.

👁 $222 👁
Oct 3rd to 30th, Call days/times TBC
Includes bonus 20-30min
personal coaching call

What's Included?

4 Live Calls of 90-120 mins which involve

- Hotseat Coaching

- Clearing and Transmission

-Quantum Recalibration

- Practical Expression Tools

-Live Expression Exercises

and a Group Coaching Container on Voxer/Telegram

All Sessions Are Recorded For Later Viewing Pleasure