Amplify (aotearoa)

A heavily subsidised offer

(applicable for those within New Zealand)

at this time of rapid transformation.

In these 5 x 50 minute weekly coaching+transformation sessions for 550 NZD we will get you to the Roots of your current challenges, transforming them into the Expression Gold - whether that might be becoming a different kind of mother for your child, or about stepping into more professional space/holding roles; whether it might be to birth the best artist you can Be, or whether it might be about finding easier ways to resolve conflict in the office...

this package will send you to your NEXT LEVEL.


Let's Do This, Pillars of Light.

Together We Rise.

Option to embark on this journey anywhere else on the Earth plane for $555 USD -

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Forest Fire

5 weekly Sessions of 50 minutes over Zoom for 550 NZD

(payment is via New Zealand bank transfer only).

International option is below


For All Of Us.

I Believe In You. Do You?