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The name Arunditha was given to me at birth by my late grandmother, a migrant teacher from South India.

My parents did their best with what they knew. I grew Up amidst Violence, Love and Financial Instability. We did not have a Home and lived with relatives or in rental apartments and would move Out suddenly when the Rent was not paid.


The circumstances left me with a lot of Powerful emotions and I used Song, Theatre and Poetry as ways to Relieve the Pressure.

At some point I Decided that i wanted to be an Actress and went to Drama School but had to drop out because my fees were unPaid.


I got Lost and Confused, using substances as a way to Dull my emotions and pain. This found me incriminated in a drug-bust when I was just 18 years old, and put into a women's prison for 12 months.

The women I met there helped me realise that I am here to Serve others with my voice. 

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After my Release from prison I went on to study Psychology and finish University in Australia, specialising in Applied Theatre - a way to use performance for Social Change.

Then in 2013, my dear mother died suddenly of cancer and the devastation sent me into a series of Spiritual Initiations which unlocked my gifts as a Cosmic Being. During the next 7 years, I developed my skills and travelled with my art as a way to Serve and Inspire - while having lots of fun adventures. I also UnLocked new levels of professional success each year. I've been paid to perform for Poetry Festivals, Music Festivals, Theatre, Radio and even TV.

Yet even though I was living the life I had Dreamed Of, something was not quite right. I decided to pack up my life in Singapore and move to the mountains in New Zealand where my partner lives. Living here gives me space to listen to the Voices of the Universe.

I have remembered who I am and what I came here to do, a process of Evolution which will span my entire lifetime. 


In 2021, after a couple of years of practicing energy and healing work on other people, 

Be. Your. Self. was born.

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