My name is ArunDitha.

I am an Expression Coach and

Mentor for All kinds of Humans.

My work with Self-Expression wouldn’t be possible without the many years I've worked as a Professional Performance Poet, Band Frontwoman, Actor and TV Host. I’ve even spoken on the TEDx stage a few times in Singapore - the country where I started this life.


I’ve always wanted to Create and Express who I am. Writing poems in secret since I was 9, getting up on stage every Chance I got, and usually wearing my Own Style of clothing, it was difficult for me to fade into the background.


My younger years had their challenges - violence, instability, destitution - I spent a lot of time running away. Soon I was jumping out of my bedroom window to go to parties, getting lost in Other Worlds. I enrolled in drama school then dropped out. I worked as an actor for Disney then got arrested for using party drugs at 19 years old. The arrest was my first Awakening. In prison I grew rapidly, dissolving who I used to be and remembering who I wanted to embody. After a year of reconstruction, I had Created MySelf aNew.


The women I met behind bars initiated the Sacred Activist within me. I realised that there is a lot of pain in the world, no matter how clean and shiny it looks on the outside. With these new insights I decided to study Applied Theatre and Psychology so that I could use my performance skills for Service. I also began performing my poetry as a way to tell my stories and deeply heal my childhood traumas, and soon people offered me opportunities to speak at literary events and festivals.


Just when it felt that everything had stabilised, my mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and died a year later. Her death threw me into an incredible adventure of emancipation which spanned continents. I lived a diverse existence, publishing books, travelling professionally with my Poems, receiving invitations to artist residencies in other countries and releasing music as a Singer with different bands. Simultaneously I entered a Cosmic process of remembering the Psychic, Shamanic, Intergalactic, God-Given Gifts I came here to embody and share with others in this lifetime.


I fell in love with my partner at a New Zealand music festival where my band Mantravine was playing. Two years later I moved to the Southern Alps where I live today. 

Be Your Self is the Essence of my Soul, born where practical Awareness as a Performance Professional meets the Cosmic Power of my Embodied Gifts.


Today I raise Soul Embodiment and Expression on Gaia our Earth Mother, to help you Speak your whole Truth, feel Bright in your Body,  and Light Up your Mission like a Clear day’s Sun.