Why Should I...
(Be. Your. Self) ?



Be - Presence, Being, Here, Now.


This Aspect of the teachings is about practicing Presence, a gateway to Full Being. What is Presence? Some people might call it meditation, some people might call it concentration on the Now. In Essence, BEing is radical Expression; Radiating who you are - A sustained Act of Awareness within your body, No Trying Required. In order to Express yourself and fulfil your mission with Confidence, you have to become Comfortable with BEing.

Your - Free, Choice, Independent, Aware.

As a Free BEing you are able to make Informed choices from a place of Empowerment instead of obscurity. This Aspect indicates Movement and Personal Responsibility. You have Clarity how your Actions Impact others, and about how to Orientate Life towards your Goals using Aligned Action - Not as a way to control outcomes and prevent failure, but as a way to

Do What You Came Here To Do.

Self - Soul, Uniqueness, Essence, Expression.

As Self you are in your Soul. You Remember who you Are - as much as you are able. This might look like finally owning your Story of what has transpired in your current Lifetime. It might look like bringing into your body all the Selves you have ever been. It might look like coming into contact with your Star aspects or your Ancestors and remembering where your Soul origins are. Your Self is your Story in all its iterations, transformed by the Light of your Soul into Wholeness.


Nice to meet You

Be. Your. Self. came with clarity after years of resisting my true nature. I have used all sorts of situations and substances to escape Be-ing and remembering who I truly am. Fortunately, the Universe has always sent me devastating(ly) beautiful situations to take me home to my Self.

My birth name is ArunDitha (BelovedDaughter OfLight). I am an Embodied Spiritual Mentor. In this lifetime I have trained in Regression and Hypnosis, Reiki, Psychology, Facilitation, Teaching and Learning, Biofield Healing and non-denominational Shamanism. This is accompanied by decades of professional work in the creative arts, and lifetimes of work as a Change-Maker in This and Other Dimensions. All these skills come out to play in my work with You.

You can find out more about my Creative Arts work here - www.arunditha.com